Weeks Christens Dredge J.S. Chatry

On August 12 at its repair facility in Houma, Louisiana, Weeks Marine celebrated its 100th anniversary with the christening of its newest asset – the automated and multifunctional ocean-going U.S.-flag hydraulic cutter suction dredge J.S. Chatry. The dredge was constructed by the same team that created the CR McCaskill and the Magdalen.

Named after J. Stephen Chatry, senior vice president and manager of Weeks Marine’s Dredging Division, the 30-inch cutter suction dredge has five fuel-efficient GE Tier IV diesel engines that have a total installed power of 22,264 hp minimizing the amount of diesel needed to pump long distances. The dredge also has a 3,000 hp electric motor capable of producing 600,000 foot-pound of torque for the 8.5 feet cutterhead. The 337,000 gallons in fuel tank capacity and quarters for 52 crew members allow the J.S. Chatry to work in remote locations for long durations without refueling. An advanced walking spud carriage system permits forward movement and repositioning with little downtime.