Locks and Dams

Corps Contracting For Olmsted Wicket Maintenance

The Louisville Engineer District is soliciting bids for a contract for support for maintenance of wickets at Olmsted Dam on the lower Ohio River.

The work includes all operations in lifting and setting a government-furnished dive deflector box that will be used to support Corps divers for replacement of wickets, and clearing of the concrete area near the wicket hinge.

The contractor’s minimum required floating plant would consist of a towboat, crane, spud barge, dredging capabilities, anchoring capabilities and safety vessel.

The contractor’s fleet support will consist of: anchoring the floating plant, positioning the contracted floating plant, underwater excavation, transporting the 60-ton dive deflector box, picking and setting the dive deflector box in both open river and slack water conditions, winching the government dam-raising floating plant across wicket holes, and using the contractor towboat to move government floating plant around wicket holes. Wicket replacement support will be predominately to support repairs of more than one wicket in a row, or areas where wickets are in poor condition and cannot be repaired without the dive deflector box.