Upper Mississippi River Barge Fleets Proposed

American River Transportation Company (ARTCO) has applied for a permit to build a complex of I-beam anchorage systems on the north side of Carlson Island for the purpose of supporting three fleeting areas that would fleet up to 38 barges on the Upper Mississippi River, depending on demand.

The site is located in Goodhue County, Minn., near Red Wing. The application says the Red Wing port is expanding and more barge fleeting is required.

The project would include up to 10 I-beam anchorage systems between Miles 789 and 790. The I-beam will be driven into the ground until the point of refusal. A chain measuring 90 feet long will be used to secure an anchor barge to the anchorage system. Barges would be secured to the anchor barges.

No loading or unloading facilities are proposed.

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Carlson Island is dominated by floodplain forest wetland vegetation. The I-beams would be installed along the shoreline and would require no removal of any trees.