Locks and Dams

Lock 2 Miter Gate Anchorage Contract Awarded

The St. Paul Engineer District recently awarded a $3.2 million contract to Kaiyuh Services LLC, Fort McCoy, Wis., to install new miter gate anchorages at Upper Mississippi River Lock and Dam 2, near Hastings, Minn.

The work will involve concrete repairs and the installation of newly fabricated anchorages. Each lock has a set of upstream and downstream miter gates which act as doors to the lock chamber. The anchorages act as door hinges for the miter gates.

“This is important maintenance to keep operating the lock efficiently for the navigation industry. If the anchorages fail, the gates would fall of their hinges, ultimately stalling navigation of the Upper Mississippi River,” said Nick Castellane, project manager.

This work is in preparation for the delivery and installation of new miter gates in the summer of 2021. These new miter gates will replace the original gates installed in the 1940s. Work is anticipated to begin in late November 2020 and should be completed by early March 2021.