Carylon Offers Cleaning, Disinfecting Services

Several Carylon Corporation companies have taken up the fight against COVID-19 by providing disease cleanup and disinfection services to ensure facilities are clean and employees are working in a safe environment.

These companies include Ace Pipe Cleaning Inc., Deep South Industrial Services Inc., Metropolitan Environmental Services, Mobile Dredging & Video Pipe Inc. National Industrial Maintenance-Indiana and National Water Main Cleaning Inc.

In performing disease cleanup and disinfection, the companies follow U.S. Centers for Disease Control protocols and use CDC-approved industrial strength disinfectants with a broad spectrum kill claim. They also use the Halo Disinfection System by Halosil International and include HaloMist disinfectant (5 percent hydrogent peroxide and 0.01 percent iconic silver) dispensed by HaloFogger machines.

HaloMist is an Environmental Protection Agency-registered, hospital/healthcare broad-spectrum disinfectant for use on hard, porous or non-porous surfaces. It kills 99.9999 percent of C. difficile spores in all the nooks and crevices of complex rooms, according to information provided by the company. The system is safe for office spaces, vehicles, industrial equipment, large auditoriums, mass transit and airplanes and will not fade or discolor upholstery, which means rooms can be disinfected without removing furniture, Carylon Corporation said.

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Carylon has cleaned and disinfected for several customers on both an emergency and regular basis. They include Menzies Aviation (O’Hare International Airport), Around the Clock Ambulance Service, Lake County Indiana Government Center, US Steel and the Boston Transit Authority, including 900 buses and 700 trains per week.