Face mask production at Llebroc’s plant in Fort Worth, Texas.

Llebroc Sews Face Masks For Those In Need

Llebroc Industries has turned its sewing machines and commercial fabric cutters from manufacturing captain’s chairs and other boat seating to making cloth face masks for those in need.

“We thought it would be a good idea,” said Greg Carman, sales and marketing manager for the company, based in Fort Worth, Texas. “We can keep some people working and do the community some good. We have about 40 sewers here. We have automatic Gerber cutting machines. We’re able to cut mass quantities of personal protective equipment/face masks.”

The masks are made from medical grade, two-ply polypropylene material. They come in three sizes, including a size that fits children. Elastic loops fit over the wearer’s ears, and a wire across the top can be molded over the nose to help improve fit and keep eyeglasses from fogging up. The masks are machine washable and air dry.

All of them sell for $3, including shipping. The minimum order is five masks. Both individuals and businesses are welcome to order.

“They’re about as economical as we can make them,” Carman said.

Masks may be ordered via email (sales@llebroc.com), by phone (800-284-5771) or online (www.llebroc.com).

The company has distributed the masks locally, but Carman said Llebroc realized other people were having trouble getting face masks for their families and for their businesses and decided to step in to fill the need.

“We’re mainly targeting businesses to make sure, when they come back to work, they have face masks for their employees,” he said.

So far, he said, the company has made about 5,000 masks, but with six cutters and 40 sewing machines, “We could gear up to do more if the need arises.”

Orders have begun coming in all over the country, especially within the last two weeks.

For Carman, it’s not just providing a service. As more people are able to come back to work, Llebroc wants to be a good neighbor and a good corporate citizen, reaching out to those in need and letting them know the company cares.
“We’re all in this together,” Carman said. “We’re just trying to do our part.”

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