KR Series Double Drum Deck Winch combines a face-up winch with a wing wire winch in one frame.

New Wintech Winch Offers Smaller Footprint

Longtime marine supplier Wintech has a solution for vessels with tight deck space. The KR Series Double Drum Deck Winch combines a face-up winch with a wing wire winch in one single frame. By offsetting one drum slightly higher than the other, the KR’s footprint is roughly the same size of a standard facing wing winch.

If a vessel’s head deck does not have the space to accommodate two winches per side, or if it doesn’t have the space on the gunnel/walkway of the boat for wing winches, the KR series winch is the answer, according to Wintech. They have been successfully used for more than five years and have saved companies the trouble of redesigning a boat’s head deck space or side wall space, while giving them the tow control they demand.

More than a dozen of the KR series winches are operating successfully on the inland waterways, the company said, including recent installations on Campbell Transportations Company’s mvs. Jeffery Raike and Roger Keeney, which are undergoing complete overhauls in a Gulf region shipyard.

Wintech’s KR winch utilizes the same sealed holding brake, protected holding dog, precision machine alloy steel gearing and innovative guarding of the successful DW series deck winches.

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Offered in the standard 40-ton and 65-ton holding capacities, there is a KR available to improve any boat’s holding ability. The two drums on the KR work independently with their own respective gear motor/brake assembly and gear train to give the operator complete independent control. Wintech offers winch starter panels that can be mounted on the back of the winch for easy access and operation, or on the boat’s superstructure with remote pilot house controls.

Just like all of Wintech’s inland marine products, the KR Series is proudly made in the U.S., at its Bossier City, La., factory.