Mv. Tommy H Receives CTC’s First COI Mv. Tommy H Receives  CTC’s First COI
Mv. Tommy H Receives CTC’s First COI

The mv. Tommy H successfully received Campbell Transportation Company’s (CTC) first Certificate of Inspection (COI). Dave Baisden, with the Coast Guard, presented the COI to Capt. Joe Gray. Baisden also… Read More

Trace Laborde was recently named marine manager of Laborde Products Inc. He previously held the role of branch manager of Laborde Products’ Houston operations, with responsibility for the marine business… Read More

Industry People On The Move

January 28, 2019

Campbell Transportation Company Inc. has hired Kyle Buese as its executive vice president-operations. Prior to joining Campbell, Buese worked at Kirby Corporation since 2006. There, he served in several key… Read More

Stephaich Elected WCI Chairman

November 24, 2018

As its annual meeting and board of directors meeting in Chicago on November 14, Waterways Council Inc. (WCI) named Peter Stephaich as its chairman of the board. Stephaich is chairman… Read More

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