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WEDA Confirms Board Members In Virtual Meeting

The Western Dredging Association (WEDA) Board of Directors held a meeting via conference call June 26 to confirm existing board members and add two new members.

Chuck Broussard, Julie Hile, Craig Vogt and Carol Shobrook were reconfirmed for additional three-year terms to expire in 2023. Lori Brownell of the Port of Houston and Michael Warwick of Manson Construction Company were added to the board for three-year terms expiring in 2023.

Alan Alcorn, Carol Shobrook and Walter Dinicola comprised the nominating committee.

Alcorn, WEDA president, led the virtual meeting, which was attended by David Knuckey, Dana Trierweiler, Paul Fuglevand, Brownell, John Vannoy, Marcel Hermans, Margaret Davis, Alcorn, Tom Cappellino, Shobrook, Lars Zetterstrom and Powers.

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The by-laws require confirmation by the members at the general membership meeting, which typically takes place at the closing session of the Dredging Summit & Expo.

“We are not able to conduct the meeting in person because there was no annual meeting (because of the COVID-19 pandemic),” Alcorn said. “There are a number of issues underway. WEDA is alive and thriving,” he said.   

He added, “I hope that next year we can begin meeting in person again, and meanwhile we have to make adjustments and have to conduct this vote in virtual fashion.”

WEDA by-laws define a quorum as 5 percent of WEDA regular members, or 100 WEDA regular members in good standing, whichever is less, present at the meeting in person or by proxy. Votes are decided by a simple majority.

“We received 42 proxy votes plus 11 call in votes, which is greater than 5 percent of our total members and constitutes a quorum,” Alcorn said. “All votes are in favor, which unanimously confirms the nominations.”