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Obituary: Capt. Graydon “Bub” Crain

Capt. Graydon “Bub” Crain, Cranberry Township, Pa., one of the founders of C&C Marine (which today is Campbell Transportation Company), died July 26. He was 86. He was the middle son of Mason “Spike” Crain, who began Crain Bros Inc., a well-known marine construction, towing and salvage firm, where he spent the early part of his 60-plus-year career on the river.

In 1969, he left Crain Bros. to partner with Tom Campbell and launch C&C Marine. He eventually started his own venture, Pitmarine, in 1974, which he operated until his retirement several years ago.

A lifelong riverman who was said to have been born and raised on a shanty boat, he reveled in the telling of river tales, many times from the top deck of his sternwheeler, Betty Lou. He was a prominent figure on the Upper Ohio River, known for his three-pile cluster moorings that he designed and installed along the river, and for his attendance at sternwheel festivals throughout the area.

Don Checkan, vice president of operations, Industry (Pa.) Terminal & Salvage, who is married to Crain’s niece, remembers him as “the most knowledgeable riverman” he has ever known.