Letters To The Editor

Letter: Towboat Poem

Towboat Poem

As I’m on this boat, looking out of the window

I think about my life, and how far I will go

Will I ever be a captain? Or just the captain of my soul

Would it be worth the time decking, building tow in the snow

It would give me a good life, that much I do know

The miles we make, praying to make it home

feeling bad for leaving my family, home all alone

The days that go by, oh how slow they can be,

makes me wonder how this life is for me

I know I can’t give up, because this is all I know

I just hope six more years from now, I won’t still be building tow

If I can achieve this goal, then just let me say

If you are a towboater at heart, keep making head way

Dreams will come true, as long as you pray

Don’t let stuff stop you, the obstacles in the way

Keep going forward, and never behind God answers prayers, but on his time

Cody Lee
Lead man on mv. Mike Weisend