Letters To The Editor

Letter: Executive Orders

I am deeply concerned about President Biden’s use of executive orders.

First, the open borders policy that the Biden administration has adopted. I have been to Central America many times. Frankly my observation is that we are getting their peasant population. Who is going to pay for their housing, education, health care, food and sustainability? The taxpayer.

Two, how can President Biden simply cancel the Keystone Pipeline XL when the owners have a valid permit to build it? I assume that the owners will take legal action against the United States and will win. What happens to the billions in private investment? Is it all lost with the swipe of Biden’s pen? What happened to the nearly 11,000 union jobs working the Keystone XL? The Biden administration wiped those out on the first day in office with hollow promises of “other jobs” in unrelated or unfounded industries. Biden himself talked about how hard it was for his dad to find a job after coal was attacked when he was a kid. He was forced to relocate his family and transitioned from coal to car sales after his hometown was crushed! Our industry moves millions of barrels a day via pipeline safely and efficiently. Even Canada is up in arms over the cancellation of the Keystone XL for all of these same reasons. And, of course, we will once again be dependent on the Middle East for crude oil. Who will pay for this? The taxpayer.

Third, I am deeply concerned about the national debt that our government is incurring. It seems whenever we pass a bill for an alleged purpose, all sorts of riders end up in the bill, and the cost goes up and up and up. It is sad that the media does not publicize these events, and the general public is unaware of same.

Four, there seems to be two sets of rules, one for the elite in D.C. and one for the rest of us. How can Secretary Clinton not be prosecuted for using her personal computer for government work and then destroying it before anyone could check to see what was on it? How can Hunter Biden get millions of dollars from foreign governments and not influence his father? Did he pay taxes on any of this money?

Finally, I am deeply saddened and concerned about the direction of our country under the Democratic leadership. If there is any way to legally challenge these executive orders, we should. If not, I think that President Biden’s executive orders will be the demise of this country.

Walter E. Blessey

Harahan, La.