Asian carp

Tennessee Wildlife Federation Calls For Action On TVA Asian Carp Barrier Proposal

The Tennessee Wildlife Federation (TWF) is asking people to submit public comments in support of the construction of barriers to invasive Asian carp in the Tennessee River system.

The request for public comment reads, “There’s no sugarcoating it. Invasive Asian carp are one of the largest threats facing Tennessee’s waters, fisheries, recreation and local economies. And they’re on the move! Now we have a chance to halt them in their tracks.”

The email links recipients to a Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) proposal, which can be found by going to and clicking on Asian Carp Mitigation Project.

Comments may be sent on the proposal website or may be emailed to by August 5.

The proposal calls for barriers to be installed at multiple locks and dams on the Tennessee River system.

“The purpose of TVA’s proposed action is to control the abundance and range expansion of Asian carp within the Tennessee River reservoir system and its tributaries by installing fish barriers at strategic dam locations,” according to the proposal. “The action is needed to reduce potential future ecosystem and economic consequences associated with the establishment of Asian carp in the Tennessee River System.”

TWF warned that without barriers, the population of Asian carp is likely to spread, risking harm to people and costly repairs to equipment as well as destruction of the local ecosystem and native fish population. That can also lead to a decline in recreational fishing and boating.

“Without enough support, TVA may have to go with the so-called “no action” alternative,” the Tennessee Wildlife Federation email said.