The 1,600 hp. mv. Green Wave will operate in the Cooper Consolidated fleeting footprint on the Lower Mississippi River.

Mv. Green Wave For Plimsoll Marine

Blakeley BoatWorks recently delivered the mv. Green Wave to Plimsoll Marine. The Subchapter M towboat will operate within the Cooper Consolidated fleeting footprint, the largest fleeting footprint on the Lower Mississippi River.

Blakeley, Plimsoll and Cooper Consolidated are all part of the Cooper Group of Companies.

Designed by Farrell & Norton and built by Blakeley over the course of a year, the 70- by 28-foot, 1,600 hp. vessel is fully compliant with the latest U.S. Coast Guard regulatory requirements. 

“Our team is proud to be part of the construction of the Green Wave,” said Swathin Kannalath, managing director of Blakeley BoatWorks. “Our customers expect their new vessels to meet the industry’s highest levels of compliance, and we certainly met those high expectations with the delivery of Green Wave.”

“We’re proud of the work Blakeley BoatWorks has done and have high expectations for the Green Wave as it begins service in the Plimsoll fleet,” said Karl Gonzales, vice president of Plimsoll Marine. “Our customers and employees now have the added satisfaction, pride and peace of mind knowing that our fleet is home to one of the industry’s safest and most capable vessels.” 

Vessel Specs

The towboat is powered by two Caterpillar C32 800 hp. Tier 3 diesel marine engines coupled to Twin Disc MGX5222 gears. Electrical power is supplied with two Caterpillar C4.4 Tier 3 generators. 

A pair of Southeastern Propeller 70-inch, four-blade, stainless steel propellers provide thrust through two J&S Machine Works Inc. 7-inch ABS Grade 2 propeller shafts with Kemel shaft seals. The boat is fitted with Thordon’s RiverTough tailshaft bearings and a Thordon grease-free SXL rudder bearing. HydraForce LLC supplied the steering system for the two main rudders and four flanking rudders. Hydra Force also provided a pair of Quincy reciprocating air compressors, with ventilation fans provided by Donovan Marine. Schuyler Maritime LLC supplied varying sizes of rubber fendering around the perimeter of the vessel and push knees. 

Stone Construction provided a Mitsubishi split-duct HVAC system in all interior spaces with Blakeley BoatWorks providing all custom woodwork and interior finishes. Bozant supplied rubber-framed windows, and Donovan Marine supplied a pair of Patterson 40-ton deck winches.

Blakeley BoatWorks installed all electronics, communications and an alarm system. 

The towboat has a capacity of 22,000 gallons of fuel and 5,200 gallons of fresh water. The vessel is outfitted with four crew staterooms housing seven crewmen, three baths and a full galley arrangement.

Blakeley BoatWorks

Blakeley BoatWorks, based in Mobile, Ala., specializes in small vessel repair, barge repair and new vessel construction. Facilities include a 1,900-ton floating drydock, four working bays and carpenter, electrical and maintenance shops. The working bays sit on a 26-acre campus and have 10-ton overhead cranes. Blakeley’s 600-metric-ton travel lift is capable of lifting and moving vessels 40 feet wide and 200 feet in length. The company’s facilities have the capacity to simultaneously service up to 15 towing vessels and barges.

Caption for photo: The 1,600 hp. mv. Green Wave will operate in the Cooper Consolidated fleeting footprint on the Lower Mississippi River.