James Marine acquired T.T. Barge Cleaning LLC at Lower Mississippi Mile 183, shown here, along with T.T. Barge Services. (Photo courtesy of James Marine)
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James Marine Announces T.T. Barge Acquisitions

The James Marine group of companies has announced two recent purchases.

James Marine has purchased T.T. Barge Cleaning LLC at Lower Mississippi Mile 183, along with T.T. Barge Services LLC, at Mile 237, from Mark Toepfer. James Marine closed on the purchases in February.

T.T. Barge Services was founded by Toepfer’s father, the late Roy H. Toepfer, in 1976 in Harahan, La. It began operating at Mile 237 in 2001. The barge-cleaning service at Mile 183 was founded in 1989 in Donaldson, La. Roy Toepfer passed away June 23, 2015, in New Orleans, La. He was 75.

The T.T. Barge companies are known for providing high-quality, safe and environmentally compliant tank barge cleaning and repair services, James Marine said in a statement.

“I cannot help but reminisce about my father, Roy Toepfer, climbing tanks with me in those early days,” Mark Toepfer said. “Experiences that were invaluable in so many ways. Dad saw something special in the James family when he sold [the facility at] Mile 125 in 2011. Working with Jeff James over these last few years, I am confident my dad’s instincts told him that Jeff had shared similar invaluable experiences with his dad, Ronnie James. TT 183 and Mile 237 are in good hands with James Marine. I am looking forward to the experiences we will enjoy in growing TT 183 and TT 237 into the James family.”

Jeff James, president of James Marine Inc., said the purchases enhance James Marine’s ability to extend vessel services, including tank barge cleaning and gas-freeing, for all of its customers.

T.T. Barge Services LLC at Lower Mississippi Mile 237. (Photo courtesy of James Marine)
T.T. Barge Services LLC at Lower Mississippi Mile 237. (Photo courtesy of James Marine)

“We look forward to working with TT 183 and 237 to service its existing customers while, hopefully, helping to grow the customer base along the way,” he said. “While the James Marine companies currently offer quality maintenance and repair of all commercial vessels, bringing TT 237 and 183 into the James family of companies gives us a proven process for barge cleaning that is among the best in the business and helps James establish a firm base for further growth of our repair and related services throughout the gulf region of the inland waterways.”

He added, “The benefits of this acquisition are countless. Mark’s proven management of TT 183 and TT 237 and history of having literally grown up in the business are invaluable for James.”

Mark Toepfer will continue to manage both facilities.