New Triple-Screw Towboat Powered By Mitsubishi Engines

Laborde Products, Covington, La., announced the successful installation of a triple-screw propulsion package for Central Boat Rentals’ latest vessel, constructed by Halimar Shipyard. The package incorporates three fully mechanical Mitsubishi S6R2 engines, each boasting 803 hp. at 1,400 rpm., providing a combined 2,409 hp. without the need for after-treatment.

The collaboration underscores Laborde Products’ commitment to providing practical and reliable solutions to the maritime industry, the company said.

“The successful integration of our triple-screw propulsion package on Central Boat Rentals’ new vessel will enhance their fleet capabilities,” said Trace Laborde, vice president of sales for Laborde Products. “This partnership exemplifies our proficiency in implementing solutions that prioritize practicality, reliability and longevity.”

Laborde Products’ team meticulously orchestrated and integrated the triple-screw propulsion package, focusing on compatibility and straightforward maintenance. The project showcases Laborde Products’ ability to offer tailor-made solutions that cater to specific operational needs while adhering to the highest standards of quality and safety, the company said.

As Central Boat Rentals’ new vessel prepares for its inaugural voyage, the collaboration between Laborde Products and Halimar Shipyard underscores the capabilities and expertise of both entities. The vessel’s launch represents a substantial advancement in marine transportation, underscoring the practical benefits of heightened mechanical efficiency, enhanced operational reliability and streamlined maintenance practices within the industry, Laborde Products said.