WJ Editorial
WJ Editorial

Industry Celebrates Innovation And Camaraderie

For its 11th annual session, the Inland Marine Expo again welcomes to Nashville representatives of organizations that collectively form, serve and depend on the marine transportation industry: barge and towing companies, lakes and coastal transportation, passenger vessel operators, fleeting and harbor service providers, ports, terminals, marine contractors, shipyards, stevedores, shippers and suppliers and service providers of all kinds, as well as the advocates who educate elected officials and the larger public about the many benefits of waterborne transportation.

IMX brings together all for the benefit of their respective operations, but also because marine transportation as a whole stands to benefit. As our readers know well, marine transportation provides three primary advantages: economic efficiency and significant cost savings, safety and reduced environmental impacts. All three are as important as ever to the general public, legislators and of course anyone moving freight. But those advantages don’t exist without hard-working operators and well-maintained ports, terminals and marine highways. Operators constantly search for ways to further their advantage over competitors, and by doing so the entire industry gains from a “rising tide lifts all boats” effect. Consumers and shippers benefit. National and economic security is even bolstered by these efforts. 

The pace of innovation and integration on the inland waterways is constantly high.

By presenting vessel and facility operators with products and services designed to further the three advantages, we hope to play a small role in securing a bright future for marine transportation. As we have since 1887, we are proud to offer this via print and digital media, and now via IMX as well.

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We look forward to celebrating marine transportation and its members with you.