Corps, MarAd Funding Bills Advance In House Corps, MarAd Funding Bills Advance In House
Corps, MarAd Funding Bills Advance In House

Washington, D.C.—Racing against their own legislative clock, House Appropriations subcommittees used voice votes to advance fiscal year 2021 spending bills with robust funding for agencies important to the waterways industry,… Read More

Trump Signs CARES Act

April 3, 2020

Washington, D.C.—President Donald Trump signed into law a massive coronavirus relief package that includes key language welcomed by members of the waterways industry and their supporters. After winning unanimous support… Read More

Washington, D.C.—Congress overwhelmingly approved an $8.3 billion coronavirus emergency funding bill as talk by some turned to using infrastructure spending to stimulate the nation’s economy and members of the waterways… Read More

WRDA 2020 Efforts

July 12, 2019

Washington, D.C.–A key House panel officially kicked off an effort to pass a water resources development bill in 2020, with leading members from both parties committing once again to sticking… Read More

As the important House Transportation & Infrastructure Committee’s Water Resources and Environment Subcommittee held hearings, leaders of ports and the inland navigation industry testified to the crucial importance of fully… Read More