Van Oord Orders Two Water Injection Vessels

In February, Kooiman Marine Group announced that Van Oord ordered the construction of two state-of-the-art water injection vessels. The first vessel will be commissioned in late 2020.

Van Oord is the global market leader in water injection dredging. In order to retain this position, the fleet is being extended to include two new water injection vessels. This new generation of vessels is versatile and has water injection dredging, mass flowing and power jetting systems. The latest technological developments have also been applied, such as heave compensation and dynamic positioning, which means that the dredging can be pre-programmed to a great extent and performed more efficiently. The vessels are suited for maintenance dredging in shallow harbors.

During the design, Kooiman said the energy management of both vessels was given special attention. The new water injection vessels will be equipped with a hybrid energy management system. Consequently, the vessels can store energy in batteries from residual heat that is normally lost. This energy can be used for propulsion. Diesel-electric engines will reduce CO2 emissions.