Letters To The Editor

Letter: ‘Shameless’

I read the story of Mr. Phillips, and his journey down the Mississippi River, and his overcoming many hardships that life had dealt him. I enjoyed the narrative, since I too have traveled the  Mississippi from one end to the other, many times as a professional pilot.

I then turned the page to continue the story, and was amazed, when I saw the photo of the craft that he used to make the trip! “Houseboat”? Pontoon boat? What got me was the United States Flag displayed in such a manner! Then I looked closer, and saw no U.S. Coast Guard running lights, no life preservers, no fire extinguishers, etc. How did this contraption pass through all the locks and dams, and towns without being stopped?

In my many years as a Coast Guard-licensed  Master/First Class Pilot, this did not happen. It is truly “Shameless.”

Capt. George Muscovalley III (retired)