The Admiral in October 2005.
Letters To The Editor

Letter: The Admiral

I always learn something from the Old Boat Column—and also have the fun of my memory being kicked a little down the river. Keith Norrington’s article on Twilight on The Levee (WJ, December 28, 2020) was no exception. So I thought it was only fair to share a photo of the Admiral, when it served as a casino, for your archives. This image was taken in October 2005. (Editor’s note: click on photo for full image.)

 I was an insurance broker who was involved for many years with the placement and service of the Streckfus Steamers account and worked with Capt Streckfus and Capt Bill Carrol. They were both true river-men who loved the Admiral and the President Steamer, which worked out of New Orleans.  

 The Admiral was a wonderful fixture on our levee and provided many memories for tourists and St. Louis residents. Thanks for your wonderful article. 

Tom Rollins

St. Louis, Mo.