Engineer Profile: Danny Pethan Engineer Profile: Danny Pethan
Engineer Profile: Danny Pethan

Raised on a farm in Boonville, Mo., a strategic point for the Santa Fe Trail in the 1820s because of its location on the Missouri River, Danny Pethan grew to… Read More

Engineer Profile: David Wiley

September 21, 2021

David Wiley’s lifelong passion started in a familiar way: he picked it up from his father. “I grew up working on mechanic stuff with my dad,” Wiley said. “I like… Read More

Engineer Profile: Tim Kilburn

September 21, 2021

As a boy, Tim Kilburn and his two brothers were always tinkering with engines. Small engines, like those for lawnmowers, came first. Then they discovered motorcycle engines and those for… Read More

Delta “T” Systems is offering several products that make it a one-stop source for engineered engineroom ventilation. Uniquely designed Delta “T” Systems Moisture Eliminators extract mist and corrosion-inducing salt. Its… Read More