ACBL Rededicates Veteran Towboat ACBL Rededicates Veteran Towboat
ACBL Rededicates Veteran Towboat

It seemed almost more a family reunion than a traditional towboat dedication when American Commercial Barge Line officially welcomed the revamped towboat Capt. Gregory Smith into its fleet during a… Read More

(The planned Jeffboat closure) is sadly not surprising and with the new regulations of Subchapter M and again, just like what was experienced in the ’70s when towboats were being… Read More

If ever the clichéd phrase “end of an era” was apt, the permanent closing of Jeffboat truly qualifies. The Jeffersonville, Ind., shipyard and its parent company, ACBL, have been at… Read More

Jeffboat LLC announced February 1 that it would lay off a further 226 employees from its Jeffersonville, Ind., facility. The move follows an earlier layoff of 278 employees in November. Read More